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It’s never been easier selling your Luxury Watch. Simply upload your watch and pictures and one of our consultants will be in touch to confirm your listing.

Please read our seller policy carefully before you submit your listing. If you do not agree with our policy and processes, please do not submit your listing. You will be required to release your watch for inspection and delivery to the buyer before we release your funds.

Please be very clear when listing defects and contents as inaccurate information may trigger the buyer protection policy resulting in a cancellation.

Watches 24 may recommend a correction on your selling price if we feel that your price is not fair in the current market conditions. We want you to get maximum value for your luxury watch as much as we want you to get a fair deal when you buy through Baton. We may decline your listing if we cannot agree on a fair selling price.

Seller Status

Approved Dealer

All Approved dealer watches must be accompanied by a 12 month warranty.

As an approved dealer you must have a fully equipped workshop and in-house watchmaker.

You must have >10 watches live.

Your watches will be market with our ‘Approved Dealer’ Badge, and you will enjoy lower commissions and most likely higher views.

Approved Trader

An approved trader is a dealer or trader who has done more than R1,000,000 worth of trades with our Partners. You may not qualify for Approved Dealer status, but your ‘Approved Trader’ badge will attract more views to your listings.

As an approved Trader you can enjoy lower commissions payable.

Avid Collector

An avid collector would have concluded more than R1,000,000 worth of trades with our Partners. This badge will indicate to prospective buyers that we already have a trusting relationship and therefore your listing can be ordered with confidence.

Private Seller

As a new user to the website your listing will be indicated by a Private Seller badge. You may email us with references of transactions concluded with Approved dealers to motivate an advancement in your Seller Status. An Avid Collector may send us a reference to motivate your advancement or successful trades concluded with us will result in your advanced status.

Selling Process

Selling Process

Step I

List your watch

We will review and publish your listing.

You will receive a notification after 30 days to extend your listing if it is still available.

Step II

Once a buyer has paid for your watch into our Watches 24 escrow account.

we will send an insured courier to collect your watch for final inspection.

Buyer receives his watch and has 24 hours to inspect

Step III

You will receive a payment instruction form.

Get paid via EFT.

We will transfer the agreed selling price less Watches 24 commission payable on the sale.

Fees & Commission

Fees & Commission

Fees and Commission payable for Avid Collectors, and Private Sellers.

R10,000-R50,000 20%
R50,000-R299,000 10%
>R300,000 7,5%
An administration fee of R1,500 will be charged in respect of insurance, shipping, and inspections. Dealers and Approved Traders will pay commissions as discussed on inception and may be negotiated on individual transactions.

Inspection Process

Inspection Process

Once we have received payment for a watch, we will collect the watch for final inspection. If the watch passes our inspection, it will be delivered to the buyer. In the case where the watch does not pass inspection, we will discuss repair cost with the seller and deduct this amount from the seller if he agrees. Where no agreement can be reached, the seller will receive his watch back and the listing will be removed. The buyer can choose a different watch or receive a full refund.